How long does a car accident settlement take with a lawyer?

A car accident case can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months (or years) to resolve. There is a lot to investigate on the part of each party,.

How long does a car accident settlement take with a lawyer?

A car accident case can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months (or years) to resolve. There is a lot to investigate on the part of each party,. There is a lot to investigate on the part of each party, and if you suffered extensive injuries and property damage, this could explain why the settlement process is lengthy. After submitting a complaint according to the relevant bills and medical records and other information needed to resolve the claim, the insurance company takes time to evaluate the claim.

Most injury claims shouldn't take longer than three weeks. Your accident lawyer needs to follow up with the insurance company to keep your case front of the line. At the Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel Personal Injury Lawyers, We Know You're Probably Facing Growing Medical Bills and Lost Income, All While Enduring the Pain of an Injury.

The idea of waiting months to reach an agreement may seem daunting. Our New York Car Accident Lawyers Have Over 25 Years of Experience Helping Clients Like You. We've broken down the personal injury process so you know what to expect. If you are interested in more specific legal advice, please call our law offices at (21) 564-2800 to schedule a free consultation.

If you and the insurance company can reach a fair agreement, the process to receive your check usually takes four to six weeks. Because each accident claim involves different circumstances, there is no universal schedule that applies to each situation. However, on average, it takes approximately 8 to 16 months from the date a case is initiated until the plaintiff receives a final settlement payment. However, this is only an average.

Some cases can be resolved faster or, when a victim is seriously or permanently injured, the time frame is usually longer. If a case goes to trial, it could take two years or more to reach a resolution. Negotiations to reach an agreement take quite a long time because lawyers on both sides will do a thorough preparation as if they were going to court. Despite this, when you compare the deadlines of an agreement with those of a trial in court, the agreement is much faster than a trial.

In an ideal situation, you will have a decision from the insurer about 30 days after the claim is filed. You'll also have any insurance settlement checks handy about five days after the decision. It may take time to resolve a car accident with an insurance adjuster from the insurance company or companies and get a fair settlement offer (settlement checks vary). With the evidence they collect and possible help from medical experts and accident reconstructors, your car accident lawyer can seek a fair settlement.

We Stand Up to Insurance Companies to Fight for Fair Compensation for Victims of Car Accidents, Truck Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents. We can estimate how long a car accident claim takes to resolve and get a settlement check for you, including cases of truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, injuries, and common car accidents. However, a quick resolution of a car accident case with an insurance company is rarely in your best interest. In some cases, a personal injury lawyer will want to ensure that your claim has achieved maximum medical improvement (your ability to be healthier has ceased) before the car accident case is resolved.

Here are some things to know about the ways in which car accident claims are resolved in New York and how long the reconciliation process can take. Finally, the family of a lost loved one can file a car accident lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer for wrongful death damages. A car accident lawyer will likely not want to resolve a claim until you have finished recovering and you know all the recoverable damages you may be entitled to receive. Victims of car accidents should never accept a settlement offer without first consulting a qualified attorney.

The time it takes to resolve a car accident claim can range from 90 days to more than a year, depending largely on the circumstances and factors specific to your case. Every car accident is different, obviously, and the time it takes to resolve a car accident case varies depending on the details and facts of the case. We understand the stress that a car accident or other personal injury accidents can cause, not to mention the medical bills and medical expenses of your health insurance company that start to add up. .


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